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Frequently Asked Question!

Why is virgin coconut oil the best oil for new borns?

Virgin Coconut oil is the purest form of coconut oil. The skin of newborns is very soft and gentle. It should be treated with care. The purest and mildest care for baby skin is Virgin Coconut Oil.

Is Durvadi oil mild for children?

Yes, Durvadi Baby Oil is made out of Virgin Coconut Oil. It is the most suitable pure oil for newborns

Can this product be substituted for Soap?

Yes, Charcoal Body Wash has the cleansing and moisturizing power that gives your body a clean and fresh feel. It rejuvenates your skin cells and makes it healthy

How often should the cream be applied?

Nopy's Baby Cream can be applied on baby after bath and and at nights so that the skin doen not get rashes or dryness. It can also be applied before using diapers to avoid rashes.

Can Rasayana be given to children below 6 years?

Yes. The Rasayana can be given to children below 6 years also.

Why is Karuka or Durva grass used in Durvadi baby oil?

Karuka or Durva grass is proved to have high medicinal qualities that is beneficial to the skin. It has properties that can nurture and heal all kinds of skin problems.

Can all the skin types use this Charcoal Body Wash?

Nopy's Charcoal Body wash is suitable for all skin types. However, do not use it on children below 10 years.

Does Baby cream cause any rashes or harm to the baby's skin?

No, Nopy's Baby Cream is proven to moisturize the baby's skin without any side effects. It makes the skin smooth and soft.

Should the Rasayana be consumed before or after food?

The Immunity Rasayana is advised to be consumed half an hour before food.

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Nopy’s is an ayurvedic product manufacturer with the abundant blessing of pure and natural products.

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