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People usually come across the word ‘Diaper rashes’ when they have a baby. Because babies are the one who is suffering mostly from diaper rashes. Parents may have experienced the struggle of diaper rashes through their babies.
If u see a red colour or irritation in your baby’s Diaper areas, it is likely to be a diaper rash.

What is a Diaper Rash?

It is a red coloured rash that is seen on the baby’s diaper areas. It is a kind of contact dermatitis. Diaper Rashes are common in babies who wear diapers.

How diaper Rashes are caused?

Diaper Rashes can be caused by the following points:

How can we prevent Diaper Rash?

Diapers are most commonly made of cloth or disposable material. It is better to wear disposable diapers because there is only less chance to cause diaper rashes. But the most important thing is how often you change the diapers. Try to change during a limited period and keep your baby healthy and clean.

People usually use some kind of ointments, anti-fungal creams, baby powders, etc to prevent diaper rashes. Be careful while choosing anything for your precious baby. Nopys provides 100% natural and ayurvedic products like Nopys baby Cream and Virgin Coconut Oil. 

The moisturizing and anti-fungal properties of Virgin coconut oil help prevent the occurrence and spread of diaper rash. Nopys baby cream is made out of virgin coconut oil, almond oil, and aloe vera. It also helps in getting rid of Diaper rashes easily. 

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