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Baby’s are so precious. We are ready to do anything to make them happy. Taking care of them is the best way to show our love towards them. Massaging your baby will help create a connection between you and your baby. In this article, let’s see more about the massaging benefits to your baby.

When your baby cries you try to stop them crying by holding or cuddling them. Cuddling and holding your baby is a form of Natural Impulse. Likewise, Baby massage is a needy natural impulse you provide to your baby. Baby massage is the peaceful, delicate handling of your baby’s body using your hands with appropriate massaging oils. Smoothly massage your baby’s ankles, wrists, and fingers while applying oil. 

There are many benefits to your baby when massaging is done properly, Let's see what are they:

Massaging also helps in creating a great bond between the mother & the baby. Maybe at first, your baby won’t be comfortable with massage as it is a new Experience to them. It may take some time for them to enjoy that. 

When to Start Massaging?

Baby’s behaviour is unpredictable when they are born. It takes almost 6 to 7 weeks for their mother to determine their behaviour and routines. So it is more recommended to use massaging oils when the baby is more than a month old.

It is very essential to use suitable oils for your baby’s soft skin. It is better to massage your baby during the following times:

Safe Tips for Baby Massage:

Here, the important thing is that we should use appropriate massaging oils for our little ones. There are so many massaging oils available in markets. Try to select only the best one for your baby.

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