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Let's go back to Nature!

Nature is the biggest boon to mankind. It has everything that we need to live happy and healthy. We just need to find the right ingredients in the right proportion for the best results! Our ancient secrets of beauty, mind, health, body, and spirit will reach you through us! The collaborated result of Vedic science and modern technology can enrich your life and lifestyle. 

Nopy’s is an ayurvedic product manufacturer from God’s own Country with the abundant blessing of pure and natural products. The products are certified by parent company Cocos Bouldaris. Our mission reflects in our tagline- Live Natural. We took our first step with the idea of bringing the secret mix our ancestors used to care for the newborns and babies in a more effective package.

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    Society gains through the healthy living of its people, economic development and maintaining ecological balance. We believe that the best social service we can do to our society is to deliver healthy products, generate local employment and follow environment-friendly practices. We are responsible for the use of natural ingredients in our products and provide you with nothing less than the best! 


    Coconut is an integral part of our daily life. It is the basic raw material that is highly rich with nutrients and benefits. We aim to extract all the available benefits from coconut and serve it to the people.

100% Natural Products

We deal with various quality natural products!

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Nopy’s is an ayurvedic product manufacturer with the abundant blessing of pure and natural products.

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